Compost FAQ Guide

1. We Give You a Container

  • As part of your pick up service, we provide you with a five gallon container into which you deposit your food waste and other compostable waste.

  • Place the container anywhere inside or outside of your house and fill it with compostable waste.

2. You Fill it With Food Waste


  • fruits and vegetable

  • coffee grounds, coffee filters and tea bags

  • egg shells

  • soiled paper plates, cups, napkins, paper towels (if they don’t have a wax coating)

  • compostable plastics (cups, utensils, etc…)

  • pasta, breads, cereals

  • leftovers from cooked meals

  • baking ingredients, spices, herbs etc

  • candy, snack food, pastries, etc

  • household plants and soil

  • pizza boxes (if shredded into small pieces)

  • paper egg cartons, paper cupcake cups, etc

  • post consumer meat and dairy (in small quantities upon special arrangement)


  • PLASTICS (unless certified compostable), recyclables, styrofoam, metal, etc need to go in their proper location for recycling or your regular trash can

  • NO animal or human waste

3. We Pick Up From You Weekly

  • We work together with you to pick an outdoor location where your bucket will be left once a week on a predetermined pickup day.

  • On that predetermined pickup day, we empty, clean and prepare your bucket for the next week while dropping off a new one!

4. You Receive Compost in Return (optional)

  • Twice a year you will receive complimentary compost, once in early Spring and then again in early Fall, to use for you personal garden!

  • Don’t have a personal garden? No worries! We will donate your earned compost to a locally owned and operated farm, organization or community garden.

  • Note: You will be eligible for the bi-annual compost return once you have been a member of the Compost program for three consecutive months.


**Are you a local business or need more frequent pickups give us a call and lets talk shop 757-447-4308

We need your help

Do you have leaves laying around your yard and want them raked up and taken away? Guess what, we can use your leaves...sounds like the start to a good relationship. Send us an email with where your leaves are and for a small contribution we will come and pick them up or you can drop them off at one of our PLOTS (View Map)or Send us an E-Mail!

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