Edible Landscaping

edible-landscaping-101An edible landscape is a special type of outdoor planting with an emphasis on fruits, vegetables, and herbs, the process of creating a landscape plan is the same as with purely ornamental features.  Our garden crew has the experience and know how to complete any project for any neighbor. We know the ins and outs of most every aspect of edible landscaping and produce a finished project that you and we can be proud of.  Invest in us and we will turn your dream project into a reality while putting extra food on your table!

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Do you have leaves laying around your yard and want them raked up and taken away? Guess what, we can use your leaves...sounds like the start to a good relationship. Send us an email with where your leaves are and for a small contribution we will come and pick them up or you can drop them off at one of our PLOTS (View Map)or Send us an E-Mail!

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